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September 19, 2016  |  Spot are in Kingston Hollow between Myrtle Point and the Solomons bridge. Bottom fishermen in boats and off the Town Creek Pier landed big spot over the weekend.

The bluefish followed this moving feast on Saturday night and pier fishermen were catching them two at the time on fresh cut bait.

Blues and Spanish mackerel continued up the river and trollers and lure casters did well on Sunday afternoon. One troller using planers and drone spoons landed three big Spanish mackerel and a dozen or so blues in the three to four-pound range.

There are scattered rockfish in Patuxent and Potomac in good size. There are breaking rockfish on some days with big flocks of gulls feeding on the scraps left by the fish. Other days the fish are down and they can be found on the depth finders and jigged. Good days result in two per person over 20 inches. Bad days mean lots of action with undersized fish.

Bigger rockfish are breaking on both sides of the bay from the Gas Docks to the Bay Bridge.

White perch are very active in the creeks and rivers for lure casters in the shallows and in the 30-foot depths for sinker dunkers. Undersize redfish are everywhere in the creeks and on the  riverbanks. There may some closing in on the 18-inch minimum.

Cobia and big channel bass were caught last week by sight casters, trollers, and chummers in the Bay from buoy 72 to the Target Ship.

Rockfish have been breaking in the evening at Cedar Point. Trollers and lure casters are catching plenty with some blues mixed in, but there are some days they don't want to play.

Speckled trout are in the Honga River and persistent fishermen have done very well in the back thoroughfares and cuts.

Ken Lamb with perch from a Patuxent creek.
Steve Helmrich wirth speckled trout from the Honga River.
Heather Hewitt with a 7 inch crab caught off Town Creek Pier.
Spanish mackerel, trout, and rockfiish caught by Steve this week.

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