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Good News Everyone!

Eight to twelve inches of rain in a week can make for an ugly fishing experience. 

However, there is good news. Speckled Trout are in the Honga River south to Tangier Sound. The Trout are on the grass beds in the shallows and in the cuts and thoroughfares of the Salt Islands in good numbers. It can be tricky to find them in a biting mood depending on tide and clean water. Clean water is at a premium with the heavy rains. Rockfish are also on the grass beds and seem to hit top water poppers at any time of day. The new 19-inch minimum is filling the coolers and saving lots of injured fish.

Rockfish are plentiful in the zone from the Gooses to the Bay Bridge. Fishermen out of Deale are getting all they need in the 19 to 30-inch range trolling six-inch lures. There are Rockfish up to Point Patience in the Patuxent where Rockfish can now be kept. There was plenty of keeper Rockfish under the bridge to Solomons last week for jiggers and plug casters (Bomber Windcheaters work great) until the porpoise came in and scattered everything. The porpoise will leave and the Rock will come back. All Maryland waters will open up on June first to Rockfish harvest and the Patuxent is full of keeper Rock for trollers, shore fishermen, and sinker dunkers. The same is true of the Potomac, but remember that the minimum there is still 20 inches.

White Perch were caught in many locations last week before the deluge of rain. A few sunny days and tide changes will get all the fish in the mood to bite.

Crabs are getting more numerous and bigger in the creeks and rivers. The crabs are still way behind for the season but will be making up for lost time when we get some normal weather.

Michael Proctor with a nice string of White Perch from Elms Beach area of the bay shore above Point No Point.
Micheal Thierry with 26 inch 7 lbs. 10 oz. Rockfish he caught in the Patuxent River

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