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August 7, 2017  |  Rockfish, cobia, spot, croaker, blues, mackerel, and perch are all hot even as the weather has cooled and the winds have calmed.

Before the big storm the Potomac erupted with rockfish in the 22- to 32- inch range in the upper regions from the Wicomico River to Morgantown in the shallows allowing lure caters to fill their coolers with hefty rockfish and an occasional red fish. Mixed in are white perch large enough to take a lure meant for far bigger fish. Trollers and chummers are finding rockfish in the Potomac.

Good-sized rockfish (and plenty just under the 20-inch minimum) are in the Patuxent for lure-casters in the shallows at dusk and dawn. Trollers find them in the deep holes and on the oyster bars on running tides. 

Spot are in both the Patuxent and Potomac in good numbers and size, Spot are in the 18- to 20-foot edges in Cedar Point Hollow.

Bluefish and Spanish mackerel are mixed in the ship's channel in the Bay. Trollers using planers at fast speeds are catching plenty.

Cobia fishing was great before the nor'easter came in last Saturday and messed up everybody's day. Chummers and sight-casters will have to start over to find them and the big bull reds that were charging around the mid-Bay region from 72A buoy to the Target Ship and even further south. Chummers using chum logs or grinding their own and baiting with live eels will find them soon.

White perch are everywhere in the creeks and rivers.

Crabs are very plentiful and big!

Freshwater fish is great with the fish responding to a break in the heat with big appetites. 

Eric Vanderborght with a string of white perch from the Patuxent.
Jesse Gamblin with 11 inch perch from the Patuxent.
Mike Pearson 10 lb snakehead.
Dexter McClendon won the big croaker contest for July with this 15 and one half inch fish from the Patuxent.
Chis Gamblin with a catch of perch from a Patuxent Creek.

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