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Rockfish Blitz Continues

May 2, 2016 | The first croaker of the season was brought in by Tony Forbes last Thursday.

The ten inch Atlantic Croaker took a bit of bloodworm in the evening around 6PM at Hog Point in the mouth of the Patuxent River. Forbes caught some small white perch and seventeen rockfish from 19 to 28 inches (all returned). The size limit shortens to 20 inches come May 16th, and catches like this will be common; fine rockfish filets will be on the dinner table for all fishermen.

The rockfish blitz continued all week. Trollers caught the big trophy striped bass in all southern Maryland waters. Capt. Bernie Shea on his charter boat "Sheady Lady" was out early Thursday morning and was in the middle of setting up his spread when seven of his lines went down. He landed all seven fish, all over 40 inches. This kind of action has been common in the Bay. Most of the charters out of Solomon and the Patuxent have found fish both north and south of Cedar Point. Further south the action is just as good at Buoy 72, Point Lookout, and the Middle Grounds. The Potomac is also full of big rockfish. 

The cool, overcast weather will help keep the spawning rockfish here for a while. There are huge schools of bait fish in the Bay and the Potomac, and it will keep the stripers bellying up to the buffet and delaying their return to the Atlantic.

Trollers are doing well on tandems (white is hot this week). Single lures such as MoJos, parachutes. and big bucktails all dressed with 7 or 10 inch shads are good as well as umbrella rigs.

The extended cold has put the croaker migration on hold. All up and down the Bay the early activity of the croaker has been slowed. A few warm days will turn them back on.

The crabs have reacted the same way to the cold, but there is the biggest crab run in recent memory coming as soon as we get some back to back 80 degree days.

Catfish are readily available on fresh alewive baits in the Potomac and Patuxent. The best catfish action has been off the pier at Bushwood Wharf, Mallows Bay and Port Tobacco in the Potomac and in Benedict and further north in the Patuxent.

Adam Perker and Jim Knott with a pair of rockfish from Ragged Point in the Potomac.

Anthony Forbes caught this ten inch croaker off the beach at Hog Point in the mouth of the Patuxent, the first of the season on 4-27-2016.

Bob Purkey was at the HS Buoy when this rockfish liked the look of his tandem rig.

Brandon Green trolled a tandem at Little Cove Point.

Jason Ferrier and his 43 inch, 27 pound rockfish from buoy 77 in the Bay.

Joey Quade proved the rockfish are still taking purple headed, white tandems in the Potomac.

Paul Musser, Jr was at the HS last Thursday.

Rob Brower was just south of Cedar Point at the HS buoy when this 29 pound, 45 inch rock took his trolled white tandem lure.

Thomas McMann and Steve Vaughn with super rockfish.

Tobias Butler found his chartruse tandem a winner at buoy 76 for this 26 pound, 43 incher.

Troy Jordan was trolling at Cove Point when this 43 inch 24 pound striper took the lure.

Andrew Thompson trolled off Point Lookout for this 25 pound, 41 inch rockfish that took his chartruse umbrella rig.
Brady Jordan was at Cove Point when this striper took the lure. The 43 inch, 25 pounder is almost as big as him.
Brandon Loy fished out of Bushwood in the Potomac and landed this 41 inch, 27 pound trophy rockfish.
Charles Wright landed this 34 pound, 41 inch rockfish last Thursday.
Duane Chapman was trolling a white tandem near 72A in the mid-Bay when this 44 inch, 29 pound trophy strper was hungry.
James Taylor with a pair of Trophy Rockfish.
Jimmy Rapczyuski trolled at Cove Point in the Bay and landed this 44 inch, 31 pound trophy rockfish.
Jose Melara and his big rockfish.
Steve Helmrick with Thursday's rockfish caught near Breezy Point.
Steve Hemlmrick with his daily rockfish.
This 27 pound, 44 inch rockfish tried to eat a white tandem at Ragged Point last Friday. Andy Springer shows him off.
Tom Musser landed this 44 inch 32 pound trophy striper in the mid-Bay region near the HS buoy.

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