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Rockfish Everywhere!

The Rockfish are now active everywhere in the rivers and bay. 

The most productive areas are in the lower Potomac from marker number 7 to Smith Point and in the Triangle area off of Point Lookout. All the bay from Point No Point south to marker 68 can have breaking fish at anytime. Big fish to 40 inches are on structure and the lumps below the Target Ship for jiggers and lure casters. Trolling is the most favored technique now with small to medium sized lures in umbrella, tandems, and singles fished close to the bottom with 16 to 28 ounces of lead to achieve the right depth.

The fish are averaging from 20 inches to 32 inches if you stay away from the breakers. The smaller fish are on the surface, but there can be some hefty fish mixed in on top. There are lots of boats after this fall fish bonanza, but there are plenty of schools and flocks of birds to chase so each can find their own batch to troll around or cast to.

There were fish breaking last week in the Patuxent just above Cuckold's Creek in a long line stretching north to Sotterly. These fish were in good size and wanted big crank baits like Bomber Wind Cheaters if you cast to the surface disturbances. There are Rockfish all up and down the edges in the Patuxent for trollers using small white bucktails.

There are plenty of stripers in the mouth of the Patuxent, the PR bouy, Cedar Point Hollow, and across the bay to marker 76. These fish are all over the map in size, but 18 to 19 inches predominate. Savvy trollers using their sonars to find bait fish can come home with keepers.

There are still plenty of catfish up the Potomac and Patuxent for bait fishermen using cut alewife.

Mike Farrel and Jeremy and Jeff Morison show off Stripers caught Saturday in the Triangle off Point Lookout

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