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October 3, 2016  |  The storms are done and the sun is out. The rain, wind, and high tides of last week have made the rockfish enthusiastic in the Potomac, Patuxent, and the Bay.

The rockfish are getting bigger as keeper sized fish (20-inch minimum) are now about one in five caught by lure casters in the mouth of the Patuxent and at Cedar Point. The fish are boiling the surface and sometimes have crowds of seagulls attracted and sometimes the birds are absent.  The fish are in the rip (active current with surface water disturbance) at Cedar Point most all the time, but can be mostly undersized. The bigger fish are in smaller schools around the Point and can be found on the fish finding sonar. Bluefish are abundant there too.

Schools of gray trout (weakfish) are at the PR buoy and many other locations in the Bay and up the Potomac and even into the St. Mary's River.

Catfish are plentiful, big, and abundant in the northern regions of the Patuxent and Potomac.

Croaker are still here and are caught regularly by bottom fishermen everywhere.

The Potomac is loaded with rockfish from the District to Point Lookout.

The water should be back to normal by mid-week without the super high tides that have plagued us. The perch fishing in the creeks will be excellent. Lure casters using beetle spins, tiny crank baits, Rooster tails, and Mepps spinners will find eager white perch.

Columbus Day is this coming Monday and we have renamed it the "Great Fall Fishing Weekend". If we dodge Hurricane Mathew that is in the tropics now we should have a great time in Rockfish Heaven.

Talon Sanchez and friends caught rockfish and blues in the mouth of the Patuxent Sunday evening when the rain and wind finally quit.
Joe Tippett used a Bomber wind cheater to catch these fine rockfish.
Matias Falcon and his weakfish (gray trout) from the St. Mary's River.
Leroy Grumby fished this week in the stormy weather and caught croaker, bluefish, spot and perch.
Travis Haffer with spanish mackerel and bluefish.

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