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Rumors of Croakers in the Patuxent

A steady stream of trophy Rockfish were checked in this week at The Tackle Box. 

The fish came from all over the Bay and Potomac. The overall success rate is better than last week, but is still off the normal. Most trollers are getting fish by the handful for a day's cruise, but there are plenty of opportunities to get skunked. Undersized fish in the 18 to 32-inch range have shown up in the Potomac attacking the big lures designed for 50-inch fish. The smaller Stripers are probably post spawn males. The two per day, 20 inch minimum season is still 9 days out (May 16th). We are still looking for three or four days of fast action on the trophy size fish when the spawn is done and the big fish head out to sea.

I heard three unconfirmed rumors of Croakers caught this past weekend in the mouth of the Patuxent. Reports of Croaker in the York River in Virginia and at Colonial Beach in the Potomac also came in. The Tackle Box has a $25 gift certificate for the first Croaker brought in caught hook and line.

White Perch are here now.

Catfishing is excellent in the upper Potomac and Patuxent.

Crappie are biting at St. Mary's Lake and Largemouth and Pickerel too.

Trophy fish trickled in all week
Thomas Raley found this 45 pound, 42 inch Rockfish hungry for a 4 inch chartruse parachute lure near St, Clements Island in the Potomac
Shawn Ramey and Charkes Yowalski caught these 45 inch, 34 pound and 40 inch 25 pound trophy Rockfish in the Potomac
Rockfish are big, fat, and sassy this time of year
Mike Clark trolled a white tandem rig to catch this 46 inch , 47 pound Rockfish in the Potomac near Tall Timbers
John Melansen (right) landed this 47 inch, 43 pound trophy Striper at 72 A in the bay
Mark White trolled near the Power Plant in the bay fro this 42 inch, 30 pound beauty
Shirley Nickerson with 44 inch, 28 pounder from the Potomac.

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