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Spot Are Everywhere!

Wow! We have great fishing all over in Southern Maryland waters.

Spot have moved into the Patuxent and Potomac on the oyster bars and edges of drop offs. Spot are plentiful at Ragged Point, Cornfield Harbor, St. Mary's River, Piney Point, and most everywhere else in the Potomac. The Patuxent has a mix of Spot and White Perch in Kingston Hollow, Sandy Point, Fishing Point, Hawk's Nest, Helen's Bar, and on most hard bottom all the way to Benedict.

We have not seen this many Spot since 2011. One captain reported taking three kids out one day last week in the Patuxent and landing 87 Spot and Perch in two hours as he baited hooks and took fish off the lines and guided the boat on drifts near the mouth of Cuckold's Creek at Hawk's nest. He was one busy guy as there was a fish or two on at all times. Another party reported catching big Spot two at the time at Ragged Point on a tide change last Thursday evening, filling their coolers and leaving them biting.

Spot were biting off the fishing pier at Point Lookout this week in the evenings and night. There are Bluefish off the pier too and some Rockfish. Spot, Perch, Croaker and Rockfish are all being caught in the public fishing area at Piney Point at the St. George Island Bridge.

The Spot have provided plenty of food for Rockfish and eat them like candy. So, we have Stripers staying here in our area instead of going to Baltimore (there are still plenty up north of us too). The Potomac has big schools of Rockfish many of which are 30 or more inches weighing 8 to 10 pounds. These fish are all around St, Clements Island for trollers and chummers. Trollers and jiggers are finding Rockfish all up and down the Potomac from Point Lookout to Port Tobacco. Early risers are finding Rockfish hitting top water lures in the mouth of the Patuxent from Point Patience to Cedar Point. Trollers using bucktails and no weight in the shallows of the Patuxent are scoring keeper and undersized Rockfish at dawn and dusk.

There are Rockfish, Bluefish, Trout, and Spanish Mackerel in the Bay. Breaking fish are now sighted daily in the Ship's Channel. Jiggers have found some hefty rock above the Point No Point Lighthouse, finding them on their depth finder and dropping colorful metal jigs on them.

Catfish are roiling the waters of the Potomac from Morgantown to Mallows Bay. The cats are huge and eager to bite fresh cut alewife bait. The upper Patuxent has plenty of Catfish too. Cobia are on the middle grounds and near the Target Ship. Most Cobia seekers are still venturing south of Smith Point for success. But more will be here soon and we will not have to travel so far. Fresh water fishing is at summertime greatness. Bluegill, Pickerel, and Largemouth Bass are all pleasing fishermen in farm ponds and at St. Mary's Lake.

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