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Summer Temperatures Return

October 17, 2016  |  Summer is back this week with temps in the 80's. The rockfish, blues, and croaker will be feeding heavily and this means fun and food for all.

A good remnant of croaker and spot are still in the Patuxent and lower Potomac for bottom fishermen. The white perch are everywhere now and provide lots of fun in the rivers and creeks.

Rockfish are dependable for trollers in the Potomac and Patuxent on the oyster bars and edges. Those dragging tandem rigs and umbrellas with 12 to 16 ounces of weight can find plenty of keeper rock. These fish will bite all day on moving tides.

Lure casters find rockfish of all sizes, but the 18 to 19-inch fish are predominate. Keeper rock of 20 inches or better are available, some over 30 inches, but one has to be patient and persistent. The large schools of breaking fish abruptly disappeared when the storms ended and the bright sun came out. The fish are still here but are deeper and want to bite at sun up and sunset. All of this can change overnight.

The Bay has rockfish all up and down the ship's channel. These fish are bigger and will go breaking into schools of bait most anytime. Look for clouds of seagulls to clue you in to locations of active fish. Troll or cast lures - everything works when they go to feeding. Trollers hugging the bottom with 20 ounces score well on the bigger fish maneuvering around the breaking schools. Small to medium size bucktails are the ticket now in white, chartreuse and yellow.

Schools of gray trout (weakfish) are in the Bay between the Targets and the PR buoy. They are under or off to the edges of breaking rockfish and one-ounce metal jigs bounced on the bottom will catch them.​

Blue fish are scattered all about mixed with rockfish.

Fresh alewives are now back in the bait shops after the pound netters were unable to catch any for about two weeks with hurricane conditions and damaged nets. The catfish will be hungry this week and fresh cut bait will be what they are looking for. The Potomac and Patuxent are loaded with blue and channel cats. Blue fish and rockfish love cut bait in the surf.

White perch should be eager to bite in the creeks on tiny lures in the summer-like days this week as long as the tide is moving. The bottom fishing in the deep holes in the rivers should produce plenty of perch. Bits of bloodworm on spinner hooks will get them two at a time.

A late run of peeler crabs are now in the bait shops and God never made a better bait for all fish that swim.

Johnny Caldwell fished from his Kayak at Hog Point in the Patuxent and this 32 inch, 12 pound rock took is top water plug.
Joe Tippett and rockfish from the mouth of the Patuxent River.
Travis Haffer shows off a 22 inch rockfish from the rocks at the old lighthouse Cedar Point
Mike Tomsiak with a puppy drum that took a surface plug at Hog Point.

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