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The Great Fall Fishing Weekend

Fall is in the air and the fish are ready and willing. 

We have Columbus Day holiday on Monday and the entire weekend looks great with 70's and 80's with plenty of sunshine in the forecast. We have renamed this event "The Great Fall Fishing Weekend".

Rockfish are in the bay and rivers in good numbers everywhere, but finding keeper fish can be a challenge. Top water lure casters in the shallows are getting good grade Rockfish at dawn. Live-liners are getting great results on live spot in the bay in many areas. The mid-bay regions north of the Gas Docks is ground zero for huge schools of Rockfish eating offered Spot, and they come running to the sound of the boat engine that sounds like a dinner bell to them. The fall run of big spawning Rockfish that come into the bay from the ocean may be arriving soon. In previous decades the Stripers from 35 to 45 inches, weighing up to 50 pounds, have come to us in late October. The last few seasons we have not seen them until early December.

Surf casters on the beaches and piers are getting Spot, Perch, Rockfish, and Bluefish.

Redfish are biting in the creeks, rivers and bay, but most are too small or too big and do not fall into the keeper slot of 18 to 27 inches.

The White Perch have returned to the creeks, and great catches are available for bait fishermen or lure casters using 1/4 oz. Beetle Spins. My favorite colors are the bright orange and white with Red Spot. Others use a variety of small lures with great success including small spoons like Tony size 13's. The rising tides are best, but any moving tide is good.

Spot are in the mouth of the Potomac and Patuxent and the Bay proper has Spot in many locations. Cool October winds will chase the Spot to their fall migration, but we still have a couple of weeks of their presence.

Bluefish and Big Channel Bass are feeding on big schools of Gray Weakfish in the mid-bay from the mouth of the Patuxent to the Targets. The Weakfish (Trout) are tiny but make huge bait balls attracting all predators including a remnant of Spanish Mackerel that soon will be gone to the Atlantic.

We have not heard of Cobia this week, but windy weather messed up the opportunities. There could still be Big Brown Bombers cruising around when we get some calm.

Lots of Catfish are in the Potomac, and the mix of Stripers and Blue Catfish taking trolled lures (bucktails, sassy shads, etc.) at the same time is the new normal.

Bass, Bluegill and Sunfish are very active at St. Mary's Lake. Crappie will now start their fall run taking live Minnows at the lake.

Big Perch are now biting
Bobby Thomas of Augusta, Georgia with Spot from a creek off the Patuxent
Great String of White Perch
Ken Lamb with handfuls of Perch from Monday

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