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Trophy Rockfishing is Still Going Strong

May 10, 2016 | Rockfishing for the big trophies over 35 inches continues with good results.  

The action was super hot through Tuesday. The cold rain was relentless by mid-week, and the action, though still good, slowed. The rain and wind kept a lot of the trollers off the Bay and Potomac through Saturday. There were good results on Sunday and Monday morning. Many found the fish eager Monday and big fish were hooked up after only a few minutes of lure presentation. There are birds being attracted to feeding rockfish near Breezy Point in the Bay.

There are lots of schools of bait fish all over the Bay and Potomac. The smaller rockfish in the 20 to 30 inch range are very common and starting next Monday on May 16th the size limit is reduced to 20 inches and we can keep two per day, only one over 28 inches. Surf casters and trollers who change to smaller lures, jiggers, and lure casters in the shallows will find eager stripers.

Catfish are following the fresh water from the rains into many locations closer to the Bay. Kyle Briscoe brought in a batch of catfish from Benedict near the bridge to Prince Frederick on Sunday including a 30 inch, 14 pounder. Catfish are still hot off the Bushwood Pier in Avenue and off Quade's Store.

Croaker continue to seep into our waters on their summer migration. We can catch them if we actually get some summer!

Tommy Courtney found a 10 pound, 34 inch bluefish in his pound net at Point Lookout last Saturday. This is this first bluefish we have heard of this year and we hope that there are a million or so more on the way from the ocean.

White perch and crabs are in the creeks now.

Tom Koviak used a white tandem in the Potomac for this 42 inch trophy rockfish.

Tommy Courtney and his 10 pound, 34 inch bluefish from last Saturday.

The grand daddy of the Potomac trip was landed by Austin Davis. 45 pounds, 50 inches.

Kyle Wood trolled off Stewarts Pier in the Potomac and landed this 45 inch, 29 pound striper on a white 9 inch shad.
Mark White was in the bay off Point Lookout when this 44 inch, 28 pound striper.
Ryan Russel landed this 31 pound, 43 inch trophy rockfish in the Potomac.
Steve Helmrich was up the bay near Breezy Point when this 37 inch, 18 pound took his lure.

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