February 26th

Moll Dyer Day 2022

Join The St. Mary's County Historical Society and the Town of Leonardtown in celebrating the legend of Moll Dyer.

Moll Dyer Day 2022

Join The St. Mary's County Historical Society and the Town of Leonardtown as we gather together to explore, remember and celebrate local legend Moll Dyer on February 26, 2022. Bundle up with neighbors, those you know and those you've yet to meet, as we come together on this day to focus on inclusion, kindness, and tolerance.

Opening Ceremony-Gather with the community at the Moll Dyer Rock on the grounds of Tudor Hall for a special opening ceremony at 11 am.

Scavenger Hunt-Spend the day with friends and family embarking on a scavenger hunt through town.

The Old Jail Museum & Leonardtown Visitor Center
- Visit the Old Jail, open 11 am to 6 pm, to learn about mob violence and tolerance, and explore the Moll Dyer books and items available in the gift shop,

Patronize the local businesses-Many business around town will be offering Moll-inspired food, drinks, and activities.

Check out the kick-off talk at The Rex restaurant on Friday, February 25th at 6 pm titled Indentured Women in the 17th Century: Putting Moll Dyer in Perspective.

Book a Tasting and Tour featuring Moll Dyer Whiskey at Tobacco Barn Distillery.

Drop by Above Par Golf &Entertainment for the Dreaded 3 Foot Putt Game and a chance to win a $50 gift card.

Fenwick Street Books will be hosting Rachael Platt of One: Eleven Pottery, stop by and shop the local handmade pottery. They will also have $30, 30-minute tarot card readings beginning at 10 am and a beginner's tarot class from 5:30-7:30 pm by donation.

Shepherd's Old Field Market
will host a scavenger hunt in the market with prizes.

Ye Olde Town Cafe will have a rock painting activity for kids.

Antoinette's Gourmet, Brüdergarten, Social Coffeehouse& Cocktail Bar, Sweetbay Restaurant & Bar, The Front Porch, and The Slice House will all be offering Moll Dyer Day special menu items. ​

Paranormal Adventure-Participate in a paranormal investigation tour of Leonardtown (more details and ticket link below).

An Evening with Spirits
-Attend an intimate evening with local medium Debbie Oz discussing Moll Dyer and channeling local "spirits" at Tobacco Barn Distillery (more details and ticket link below).

Cocktail Contest-Sample the potent potable potions participating in the Spirits for Spirits Cocktail Contest.

For more details about events around town, check out the Visit Leonardtown Moll Dyer Day page.

Ticketed Events

An evening with medium Debbie Oz and local "spirits" at Tobacco Barn Distillery

5:30 to 7:30 pm

Join Psychic Medium Debbie Oz for an intimate evening getting to know Moll Dyer and the spirits of St. Mary’s at Tobacco Barn Distillery in Hollywood, Maryland.

Enjoy a serving of Tobacco Barn’s “Moll Dyer Cinnamon” Whiskey, while learning the tragic story of Leonardtown’s most famous (& most misunderstood) citizen, Moll Dyer. An overview and discussion on the colonial history of sorcery/witch trials in Maryland will be presented. Each guest will receive an autographed copy of Lynn Buonviri’s book “Moll Dyer and Other Witch Tales of Southern Maryland”. There will also be a demonstration and instruction on how to make your very own colonial era “Witch Bottle”, believed to protect against superfluous sorcery. This magical evening culminates in a session with renowned medium Debbie Oz channeling the paranormal “guests” in attendance, hopefully, Moll herself. Guests may have the opportunity to interact directly with and ask questions of the spirits who show up.

Attendance is limited so be sure to purchase your tickets soon!

Buy Tickets Here

Paranormal Investigation Tour of Leonardtown

6:00 to 8:00 pm & 8:30 to 10:30 pm

Join renowned paranormal expert, author and history enthusiast Patrick Burke and his team of mediums, empaths and investigators from Asylum Paranormal on an unparalleled adventure through Historic Leonardtown. This unique walking tour is a rare opportunity to encounter Moll Dyer and other spirit residents of Leonardtown while learning the art and science behind paranormal investigations.

After a comprehensive but short overview of the tools and techniques used to sense and record paranormal activity at Town Hall, you'll break off into smaller groups and visit three distinct locations; the Old Jail, Tudor Hall, including a stop at Moll Dyer's rock, and a third undisclosed location. At each location, you'll hear stories and have the opportunity to use their investigative tools, along with your own, to conduct a full paranormal investigation.

This interactive tour will conclude with a short debriefing session where participants can share their findings with the larger group.

A significant portion of the proceeds from this event will support the St. Mary's County Museums and St. Mary's County Historical Society.

Advance tickets purchase is required.

Buy Tickets Here

Special Moll Dyer Day Accommodations Susannah's Watch

Book a room at Susannah’s Watch Bed and Breakfast for the weekend and receive two tickets to Tobacco Barn Distillery for their Saturday evening event, a delightful bourbon bread pudding, and fresh flowers to take home.

Get more details and make your reservation here.

The Legend of Moll Dyer

Winters were challenging in colonial America, but none more so than the winter of 1698 when influenza brought illness and death to the citizens of the town known today as Leonardtown. Faced with the fear of this unknown and deadly disease, the townspeople looked to a mysterious and misunderstood member of their community, Moll Dyer, as the cause.

Moll Dyer was a single woman living on the outskirts of town who kept to herself and was known to utilize nature to sustain and heal. Consumed with fear and convinced that Moll was a witch, on a fateful night in February, an angry mob set upon Moll's home, burning it to the ground and sending her fleeing into the woods.

Days later, poor Moll was found frozen to death, clinging to a large rock. When they lifted her cold, lifeless body from the rock, her right hand print remained, as an ominous legacy of her tragic demise. The townspeople saw this as proof that Moll did indeed possess dark powers, and convinced themselves that their actions were justified and that the curse of Moll Dyer would live on in this rock.

Through the centuries, generations have believed that touching the rock would bring evil and ill will to you and your family. Today, this rock sits on the grounds of Tudor Hall, home to The St. Mary's County Historical Society.

Regardless of the merits of the curse, today we know that many women who didn't conform to social norms were feared and falsely persecuted as witches in 17th century America. We also know that throughout history fear of the unknown can manifest into anger and the results can be tragic. So, what do you believe? Do you see the handprint? Should we fear or should we pity Moll Dyer today?

Learn more about the Moll Dyer legend here.