Here's a bit of climate and weather info to help you plan your next great visit to St. Mary's.

Average Monthly Weather Conditions
Month Average High Average Low Average Precipitation
Jan 44°F 24°F 3.23 in.
Feb 48°F 26°F 3.19 in.
Mar 57°F 33°F 4.21 in.
Apr 67°F 42°F 3.50 in.
May 74°F 51°F 4.20 in.
Jun 82°F 60°F 4.07 in.
Jul 86°F 65°F 4.31 in.
Aug 84°F 64°F 3.88 in.
Sep 77°F 56°F 4.28 in.
Oct 66°F 45°F 3.70 in.
Nov 58°F 36°F 3.59 in.
Dec 47°F 28°F 3.70 in.