March is Maryland Wine Month

Come enjoy local, award winning wines right here in St. Mary's County for Maryland Wine Month!

Wine Month in St. Mary's County

The First Landing Wine Trail is ready for Maryland Wine Month! Enjoy local wine, right here in St. Mary's County. Perfect weekend trip to enjoy local wines and even local dining within minutes of the wineries. Come for wine tastings with outdoor patios and seating or for special events, such as live music and food trucks.


Did You Know? The name First Landing Wine Trail came from St. Clement's Island being the first landing of Maryland.

Wine Basket Giveaway

Enter for a chance to win a gift basket full of amazing items! For a chance to win, you must visit all three wineries and make a wine bottle purchase, and you will receive a stamp on your First Landing Wine Trail card. The cards can be found at Generations Vineyard, Port of Leonardtown Winery, and Xella Winery. Once your card has received all the stamps, you will leave your card at the last winery you visited.

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Did You Know? St. Mary's City was the first capital of Maryland!

History and Wine

This year, the wineries have teamed up with Historic St. Mary's City and St. Clement's Island Museum to give a more immersive experience when you visit the wineries. The wine trail being named, the First Landing Wine Trail, connects with history of St. Mary's County being the starting point of Maryland history. Click on the links below to learn more about these historic sites and tune in for Maryland Day as well!

Historic St. Mary's City

St. Clement's Island Museum

Did You Know? Port of Leonardtown Winery was the first winery in St. Mary's County!
Did You Know? Generations Vineyard and Xella Winery are family owned and operated wineries!