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"Abstracted" Art Show @ North End Gallery

Jul 12 - Jul 28

  • Admission: Free

July's show at North End is ABSTRACTED. This promises a big change from their last two shows in that most of the work in the showrooms will be non-representational. Color, line and shape will be the orders of the day. Abstract art departs from reality, and offers patrons the freedom to interpret the art in their own way. This includes jewelry, woodwork, and ceramics, as well as wonderfully fresh 2d works on the walls.

The ABSTRACTED show opens on Tuesday, July 2nd and runs through Sunday, July 28th. Event photo is a painting titled "Time Traveling" from the show by featured artist, Polly Lange.

"Abstracted" Art Show @ North End Gallery

41652 Fenwick St.
Leonardtown, Maryland 20650


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