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Sin & Scandal Tours @ Historic St. Mary's City

Jun 23 - Jun 24

  • Admission: $20 per person ($15 Friends members) / Age 18 and up
  • Location: Historic St. Mary's City

This Adult Only Tour is based on events documented in colony court records, the one-hour tour will provide visitors with a glimpse into the lives of those who lived here. The staff will dramatize marital strife, drunkenness, and debauchery using museum theater, as well as the protections (or lack thereof) provided to indentured servants. The tour also dramatizes the legal ramifications of relationships between enslaved people and free people during the seventeenth century, as Maryland laws changed to create the institution of slavery. Registration opens May 19, 2023.

Sin & Scandal Tours @ Historic St. Mary's City

18751 Hogaboom Lane
St. Mary's City, Maryland 20686


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