The mission of Visit St. Mary’s MD is to support the creation, development, and sustainment of tourism activities. We know that we can’t be successful unless we consider, include, and respect our entire community of neighbors here in St. Mary’s County.

In an effort to support the St. Mary’s County Farm Wedding Venue Association (SMCFWVA), we are facilitating their self-regulation process to monitor and mediate any incidents arising from activities at their venues.

We recognize that complaints are few and far between. Our intention is to offer a path to resolution for all parties involved when an issue does arise, and further to offer valuable insights and data to the local businesses, the community, and the county government. Most importantly, while we hope you’ll never have an issue to bring to our attention, if you do, we want you to feel heard and to find a satisfactory resolution. After all, we are all neighbors here in St. Mary’s County!

St. Mary’s County Farm Wedding Venue Association (SMCFWVA) Incident Reporting Process

Here’s how the incident reporting process works:

1. Please contact the venue while the incident is occurring. Here’s a list of who to contact during an event at each of the SMCFWVA venues.

2. Please complete the form below. This information will immediately be distributed to all of the SMCFWVA members and will also become an entry on our incident log.

3. The venue owner will contact you as soon as possible, within 48 hours, to discuss the incident.

4. The venue owner will write a synopsis of the conversation, any agreed upon actions, and/or any resolution, and will seek the written approval from you, stating that the synopsis correctly reflects your conversation. We will strive to complete this step as quickly as possible, and hopefully within 48 hours.

5. The complete record of the incident, including this synopsis, will be distributed immediately to the SMCFWVA, the Office of Economic Development, and Visit St. Mary’s, and will become a part of the incident log.

6. Visit St. Mary’s MD will maintain the complete log of all incidents and resolutions.

7. Visit St. Mary’s MD and the SMCFWVA will compile a comprehensive quarterly report on their collective businesses and the economic impact on the county that will include a complete incident log for that period.

8. Visit St. Mary’s MD will distribute this report to the St. Mary’s County Commissioners and the Office of Economic Development during the first week of the beginning of each quarter (January; April; July; October) beginning October 2021. This report is also available to the public upon written request by emailing

St. Mary’s County Farm Wedding Venue Association Incident Report Form