African-American Monument and Freedom Park

Dedicated on July 29, 2000, the St. Mary’s County African American Monument is located in Lexington Park, Maryland on the grounds of Freedom Park. It serves as an external reminder to the citizens of the county of the contributions of African Americans to the growth and development of St. Mary’s County.

The monument is comprised of a pyramid of natural stone surrounded by six pedestals with bronze plaques. The pyramid represents one of the oldest architectural structures built of stone and mortar. The four-sided base symbolizes creativity, survival, strength, and multicultural participation in the building of community in St. Mary’s County. The foundation reminds us that we stand on the backs and shoulders of the many who came before us. The native and natural stones in all sizes and shapes represent the diverse accomplishments of all people in the African American community … rich and poor, known and unknown. The finial of the monument is an eternal flame that symbolizes the constant eternal presence of our fore-parents and our eternal gratefulness to them as we pass the torch to future generations.

St. Mary's Heritage

African-American Monument and Freedom Park

21744 South Coral Drive
Lexington Park, Maryland 20653

(301) 737-5447

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