Courtney's Seafood Restaurant

Courtney's is a small "Mom and Pop" where Tom Courtney is a waterman and his wife Julie does all the cooking. The fish, crabs and oysters are are locally caught. You order take out and sit on the picnic tables overlooking the water or dine inside.

Popular dish is the soft crab "slammer" which is a fresh soft crab, bacon lettuce and tomato on a home made roll with tarter sauce.

We do serve Steamed MD Blue crabs and you can come by boat and tie up to the dock

  • Accessible by Boat
  • Outdoor Dining
  • Water Views

Seafood & Waterside Dining

Courtney's Seafood Restaurant

48290 Wynne Road
Ridge, Maryland 20680

(301) 872-4403

  • Hours:
    Call for season and hours of operation.
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