Courtney's Seafood Restaurant

Courtney's is a small "Mom and Pop" where Tom Courtney is a waterman and his wife Julie does all the cooking. The fish, crabs and oysters are locally caught. You order take-out and sit on the picnic tables overlooking the water or dine inside.

The Popular dish is the soft crab "slammer" which is a fresh soft crab, bacon lettuce and tomato on a homemade roll with tarter sauce.

They serve steamed Maryland blue crabs and you can come by boat and tie up to the dock

  • Accessible by Boat
  • Outdoor Dining
  • Water Views

Seafood & Waterfront Dining

Courtney's Seafood Restaurant

48290 Wynne Road
Ridge, Maryland 20680

(301) 872-4403

  • Hours:
    Call for season and hours of operation.
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