Courtney's Seafood Restaurant

Courtney's is a classic waterfront 'mom-and-pop' restaurant serving locally caught fish, crabs, oysters, and more. Waterman Tom Courtney catches fresh seafood that then gets cooked up by his wife Julie.

Come by car, bike, or boat! Eat inside or order takeout for a picnic overlooking the water. One of their most popular dishes is the soft crab "slammer", featuring a fresh soft crab, bacon, lettuce, and tomato on a homemade roll with tarter sauce.

  • Accessible by Boat
  • Outdoor Dining
  • Water Views

Seafood & Waterfront Dining

Courtney's Seafood Restaurant

48290 Wynne Road
Ridge, Maryland 20680

(301) 872-4403

  • Hours:
    Call for season and hours of operation.
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