Jubilee Farm Fermentations

A family-owned brewery that creates small-batch craft beer and wine, Jubilee Farm Fermentations is located on an idyllic waterside farm and offers tastings throughout the year.

Open Farm Days

Thursdays from 4pm-8pm (May - November) and Saturdays from 4pm-8pm (July - August)

Stroll past the grapevines to the courtyard where you'll try one (or all) of the day's curated wines and beers. Chat with the growers and brewers themselves and learn how your particular glass came to be. Want to be even closer to the process? Trail lovers will enjoy the final Thursday of each month for the farm tour - walk, run, or bike - along the farm trail. Whether you're a seasoned beverage connoisseur looking to try experimental brews, or a nature lover seeking fresh air and magical views, you'll feel like family on the farm. Workshop and tour are no-charge!


Jubilee Farm Fermentations

19860 Pear Hill Rd
Leonardtown, Maryland 20650

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