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Farmers Markets

Fresh and local. That’s what St. Mary’s County is all about!

St. Mary’s is home to tens of thousands of acres of fertile farmland tended by the passionate hands of local farmers. Delight in their vibrant, fresh, and flavorful goods and support these hard-working producers by shopping at our local Farmers Markets. There are currently three county markets, two unique market experiences, and a plethora of independent farm stores and stands.

County Farmers Markets

Unique Farm Market Experiences

On-Farm Stores and Other Farm Stands

Many local farms have on-farm stores or stands you can visit to shop their bounty directly. It doesn’t get closer to ‘farm-to-table’ than this! If you haven’t frequented rural areas, you might be surprised to see farmers set up roadside to sell their goods. You never know what goodies you’ll stumble across, so keep your eyes out for other roadside stands or pop-ups as you traverse the county. There could be bright-red strawberries, blooming bouquets, or freshly laid eggs just around the corner!


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