Chesapeake Bay, Patuxent, and Potomac Rivers

Fishing Report

Created by local store owner, Ken Lamb from The Tackle Box.

The Tackle Box was started in 1960 by Howard and Lena Lamb who arrived in St. Mary's County in 1958 when serving in the Navy. Ken Lamb, who began as a teenager working in the store, is now the owner. Ken is still active in publicity, paperwork, bait handling, and sales and has no plans of retiring.

If you're looking to make St. Mary's your next fishing destination, take a look at the fishing reports below to see what's biting!

Posted: Nov 02, 2023

Summer Out; Fall Enters

This past week was the last taste of summer and the fishing was excellent. Tuesday brought in autumn and now a transition will happen fast.

Posted: Oct 24, 2023

Indian Summer

Hold on to your fishing rods! We have a week of summer lined up for the last of October!

Posted: Oct 03, 2023

October Fishing Fun

After eight days of ugly weather: high winds, rain, overcast, and coastal flooding, we have a return of summer.

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