Seventh District

Chaptico, Bushwood, Avenue, Abell, Coltons Point, St.Clement’s Island, Maddox, Oakley, Dynard

Rolling hills give way to low-lying terrain. War of 1812 sites, country stores, and the island where Maryland was founded are located here.

In a Nutshell

St. Clement’s Island is where colonists landed in 1634 proclaiming the land as “Terra Mariae”, or “Maryland”. The St. Clement’s Island Museum tells this story. The island is now a state park accessible by boat or seasonal water taxi. Tour Blackstone Lighthouse and view the cross commemorating the first landing. Several agri-tourism sites, tiny Morris Point Restaurant, plus scenic back roads make a visit to the area a worthwhile adventure. Chaptico’s Christ Church was vandalized during the War of 1812 but today stands postcard perfect. This area of the county has several classic country stores.

A Bit of History

Tiny St. Clement’s Island at the mouth of the Potomac River is where Maryland was founded. In 1634, the Ark and the Dove landed here carrying 140 English settlers led by Leonard Calvert. They stayed only a short time before sailing up the more protected St. Mary’s River where they established St. Mary’s City. The island later became known as Blackistone Island and in 1851, the Blackistone Lighthouse was erected. The island was of strategic importance during the Civil War when the Union’s Potomac Flotilla patrolled these waters which separated Union Maryland from Confederate Virginia. Further up the Potomac River and its tributary, the Wicomico River, the town of Chaptico was established in 1667. It thrived as a shipping point until the British decimated the town during the War of 1812.