Amish & Mennonite Communities

During the 1930s, many Amish and Mennonite families left Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and relocated to St. Mary’s County.

Travel scenic back roads around Loveville such as Parsons Mill Road, Friendship School Road and Busy Corner Road, explore farm markets and visit farm shops offering items such as leather goods, furniture, and quilts. Visit farms with signs posted at entrances. All shops are closed on Sunday. Many Amish farms dot Route 236 South and Route 247.


Experience the Amish Quilt Auction, held on a Saturday in November. The public is invited to an Amish Farm for this annual auction of quilts and other handicrafts created by the women of the community. Proceeds help cover the community’s health care costs. It’s also a great place to pick up pies and baked goods. Homemade soup keeps folks warm until the bidding heats things up.


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