August 15th, 2018 - Something to Add to Your Bucket List

Schools of Big Bull Reds (Channel Bass) are crashing around from the Targets to Hooper's Island Light south to buoy 72.

The problem can be crowded waterways on the weekends. The fishing is so good no one wants to be left out so everyone is out on off days to get in on the bonanza.

The bottom fishing in the Patuxent and Potomac is fabulous for spot and perch, the problem is that there are so many small spot and tiny croaker that they eat up all the bait before and mess of decent fish can be caught. We have at least six weeks before the fall migration to the ocean begins and the fish will grow to keeper size around the first of October. The future looks bright.

Spanish mackerel, bluefish, and rockfish wre taking trolled spoons behind planers all up and down the bay and into the mouth of the rivers. Most of the rockfish are undersized in the mix.

The shallow water rockfishing is excellent at daybreak for lure casters. The early morning window is short and the early worm gets the fish.

This week is forecast to be hottest spell of the year (well, it is August!), but there is a break coming Friday and the weekend will be chilly by comparison. The fish will go crazy. Do not miss opportunity.

Issac is back with a striper that took a mackerel spoon.

Issac show us a spanish mackerel.

Mike and Julie Tomasik with rockfish from Cedar Point Sunday Morning.

Mike Tomsaic leads the August big perch contest with this 11 and one half beauty.

Tyler Caldwell, center, chummed up this 42 inch cobia below the Target Ship and cast a live ell to it as it surfaced Monday.