Be Sure to Have Fresh Cut Bait for Catfish

Stripers continue to tighten lines and bend rods for lure casters all over in the dusk and dawn and on tide changes.

Bottom fishermen have found Rockfish in the Hawk's Nest area in the Patuxent. The Rockfish are mixed with Perch and Catfish. Farther up the Patuxent on the Calvert side across from Greenwell State Park, there are plenty of White Perch for bottom fishermen using bits of bloodworms.

Croakers moved into casting distance from the Solomons Pier last Sunday evening after the rain and good catches were made.

Catfish are very active in Wicomico at Bushwood Wharf. Fresh cut bait is the key. Anglers report catching a dozen or so in a couple of hours, and the fish are in the hefty two to twelve pound size. The catfish are not limited to the Wicomico as the tasty fish range from Piney Point north to the District. The Patuxent has Catfish all up and down with the best locations from Benedict to Jug Bay.

The upper Bay still has the best and most consistent Rockfish. The mouth of the Choptank and the false channel is loaded with fish, and most everyone there is limiting out in a short period of time. Trolling and chunking are the main methods being used.

We await Spot to come to us from the south. As soon as that migration starts, many Striper fishermen will start live-lining.

Michele Chelednik shows off a Rockfish taken from the shoreline near Hog Point in the Patuxent on a top water lure

A great day with Capt. Greg Buckner out of Arnold, Maryland.

Noah Tomsaik with a pair of Stripers from the upper Bay.