December Begins

Stripers are in the bay and rivers for trollers and jiggers.

A big speckled trout surprised angler Ryan Galligan off Cove Point who was catching rockfish by spotting bait schools on his depthfinder and following birds. The seven-pound speck joined a couple of hefty rockfish in the icebox. There were plenty of catch-and-release fish too.

Ryan Galligan caught this seven-pound speckled trout among rockfish at Cove Point on Monday, Dec. 4.

The reports are mixed overall. Skilled trollers are getting plenty in the bay by chasing birds and scouting up bait and fish on the sonar. Most everyone can get their limit in the bay and rivers in the same manner. Some days you have to work, other days the fish are everywhere feeding; you just have to put a lure in the water.

Cove Point catch, jigging near bait and birds.

The season ends the 10th in Maryland waters.

The Potomac ends Dec. 31. Two per day 20 to 31 inches.

Tempus Fugit

Miss Susie is now trolling out of Solomons and finding plenty of willing rockfish.

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