Early Spot Run in the First Week of May

Capt. Bernie Shea on his charter Boat, the Shea-D-Lady, landed 64 eating-sized spot last Wednesday in the mouth of the Patuxent.

He caught spot in a variety of proven locations including Drum Point, and The O' Club. This is a remarkable catch since the spot usually arrive around mid-June, and don't hit full stride until the Fourth of July.

Capt. Bernie Shea out of Solomon's landed 64 spot that were big enough for a fish fry last Wednesday.

The spot have been in the pound nets for a couple of weeks in small quantities until last week. Then the nets loaded up in Cornfield Harbor in the mouth of the Potomac. Whether this is just an early surge, or the full summer migration remains to be seen.

Spot are in early in the mouth of the Patuxent.

Other indicators of an early summer fish migration:

The appearance of a speckled trout this week by a lure caster in a kayak.
A huge quantity of skate (Cow Nosed Rays) invaded the mouth of the Potomac and were eager to take lures at Point Lookout.

A 17 inch speckled trout was landed by a lure caster this week near Solomons Island.

The skate are at Point Lookout and Cornfield Harbor already, a couple of weeks early.

Stripers are taking lures targeted for other species in most locations in the Potomac and Patuxent. Please release carefully. We can keep one a day in the 19 to 24 inch slot beginning in the bay and Potomac May 16th; the Patuxent does not open until June 1st.

Dave Layman with a string of trout featuring a golden trout from Gilbert Run, landed May 4th.

Catfish are plentiful and eager to hit fresh cut bait in the Potomac and Patuxent. Their feeding habits are becoming more nocturnal.

White perch are in the creeks looking for grass shrimp, minnows, and soft crabs.

One of many largemouth bass caught in St. Mary's Lake along with pickerel, and pumpkin seed, and bluegill.

Crabs are coming to baited pots and hand traps in the creeks and rivers.

It appears that Summer has arrived.

St. Mary's pumpkin seed.

Eric Packard landed multiple puppy drum and speckled trout at Point Lookout in his kayak Tuesday afternoon. Most drum in the slot!!

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