Fab June Fishing!

We have spot, trout, rockfish, perch, and the vanguard of cobia coming up from the mouth of the Bay.

I saw a photo of a 55-pound cobia caught just below the Target Ship last Sunday. The fish took a live eel in a chum line set up by a lucky angler. The cobia are still hanging out below Windmill Point for the most part, waiting for the bay to warm up to 72 degrees and make them comfortable. The heat we have now will get them up in some numbers soon. There have been a handful caught in our area so far.

They are coming!

The big news is the spot run which is in high gear. These tasty Norfolk Spot are in the bay, rivers, and creeks hitting at anything edible. Catches are made with bloodworms (their favorite), Fishbites, lug worms, squid, shrimp, night crawlers, and bits of razor clam. The spot are so numerous they are pesky, eating bits of bait off spinner baits meant for white perch. The spot are small, but gaining size fast.


Rockfish are playing hide and seek. Good catches are made by casting bucktails, jigs with plastics, swimming plugs, etc. in the creeks and rivers around structure on running tides. Trollers up the Potomac in the vicinity of the 301 Bridge are doing well.

Rockfish, too!

Steve Helmrick with four trout and a 24-inch rockfish caught Tuesday 6/27 at a creek mouth near Smith Point in the Potomac.

We have a spectacular speckled sea trout run developing. Lure casters are scoring on big trout daily in the mouth of the Potomac. Bluefish and rockfish are mixed in with the trout. Trout and rock are on the Cedar Point rock pile and on the rip. Little bluefish are schooled up there also.

Specks are lovely, strong fighters, and excellent table fair.

Cast lure at Point Lookout in mouth of Potomac Tuesday, June 27. They love yellow!

White perch fishing is good now when the tides are moving for bottom fishermen and Beetle Spin casters. There are plenty of catfish up the Potomac and Patuxent for those with strong arms and fresh alewife for bait.

Potomac River blue catfish.

Crabs are running strong. Fresh alewife for bait is good, and razor clams will bring them in swimming from miles around. Largemouth bass are very active. LET'S GO FISHING!!!!!!!

As usual, Eric Packard is catching plenty of largemouth bass. This one from a farm pond near Benedict, Md. Fish gobbled a Whacky worm rig.

Keeper rockfish from Mill Creek caught on paddle tail jig on Monday.

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