February 28, 2019 - Early Catfish Season

The catfishing in the Potomac is excellent with big cats eager to hit cut alewife most anytime anywhere.

Dexter McClendon landed 14 catfish from six to fifteen pounds in Breton Bay last Sunday. He fished from 8AM to around noon and was busy the entire time with the fish biting continuously. The channel cats are great fighters and great eating.

Other fishermen have been catching catfish in the Morgantown area within sight of the Potomac River bridge. There are plenty of fish and they are big with 30-pound fish not uncommon.

There have been some big largemouth bass caught in local farm ponds. Remember, the season doesn't come in until June.

Yellow perch should start their run at Wayson's Corner and Allen's Fresh when we get a couple of warm days in a row.

DexterMcClendon caught 14 catfish in Breton Bay last Sunday off the shore benind Ryken High School.