July 18th, 2018 - A Plethora of Fish in SOMD Waters

We have spot, rockfish, bluefish, catfish and perch.

Captain Kyle Johnson of Rock Solid Charters (240-538-5180) took his party to an anchor point below the Target Ship where he chunked fresh alewives. Three Cobia were landed and others were sighted in a great morning of fishing. Johnson sight fishes from his tower to find the fish. Big bull Redfish have been spotted in the lower Bay, but few have been hooked. August and September are the best times for Redfish and Cobia.

Snapper Blues are in the ship's channel hitting small spoons. There are also Spanish mackerel for trollers, but most catches are below Smith Point. They will come up to at least as far as Cedar Point soon.

Stripers are around structure in the Patuxent and Potomac for lure casters at dawn and dusk. Trollers are finding excellent Rockfish in the Potomac from the 301 bridge south to St. Clements Island. The northern Bay regions around and north of the Bay Bridge are loaded with Stripers.

Catfish are everywhere in St. Clements Bay and at Bushwood Wharf. White Perch and Spot have moved into Bushwood and St. George Island.

White Perch are in the creeks and rivers for lure casters and bottom fishermen.

Croakers and Spot are in the Patuxent and in the Potomac in increasing numbers.

Tom Benefield, and Mark and Mauri Jordan with Cobia from near the Target Ship

Jalen Lane shows off his 11 and one half inch Croaker to lead the big Croaker contest for July

Michelle Chelednik caught this 29 inch Striper off the O Club Rocks in the mouth of the Patuxent