July 3, 2019 - This Week

Just when Perch fishing was really getting good, the Spot had moved into the Solomons Island area, the Rockfish were thrashing around feeding at daybreak in the Patuxent shallows, and the Spanish Mackerel were set to get up to at least Smith Point and the mouth of the Potomac, the rains came.

Rockfish for lure casters; spanish mackerel and bluefish for trollers using planers and spoons; Cobia and channel bass for trollers, chummers, and sight casters; spot and perch for bottom fishermen; catfish most everywhere; snakeheads taking lures and bait; crabs galore; and bass, bluegill, crappie and pickeral in the fresh water.

If I left anything out, we've probably got that too.

The rockfish are remarkable in the mornings and mid-day on high tides in the Patuxent on all structure, under piers and on the rocks. Bomber Wind Cheaters in the blue silver and Hard Head Custom Baits popping rigs are what the rockfish are eating.

Up the Patuxent on all points and drop offs the rockfish are consistent for trollers. The lure of choice is a white bucktail with a black head, known to old timers as an "eight ball".

Spot are everywhere in the Patuxent and Potomac. The Potomac at Ragged Point is special; Sandy Point is the Patuxent hot spot.

Perch in the creeks will not bite on low tides. Incoming on a half tide to flood is excellent. Bett's Spin Root Beer and Beetle Spin white are what works for me.

Cobia on the "Rockstar" from near the Target ship.

Eric Packard shows off a spanish from near Point No Point Lighthouse. Bluefish are there too.

Johnny Caldwell caught rockfish in mouth of the Patuxent casting lures from kayak.

Mike Tomsaic with striper from the beach at Hog Point in Patuxent.

Spanish mackerel on the "Rockstar".

This speckled trout took a popping rig in the mouth of the Patuxent.

Thomas Huthinswith perch from Patuxent.

Zoᅢᆰ with a 22 inch rock fish caught with a Bomber wind cheater while fishing the Patuxent river