July Fishing Fireworks

Spot are everywhere!

If you can see water you are in the presence of spot. Catch them two at the time in the mouth of the Patuxent. The creeks have tiny spot in schools circulating on the surface. The size of the spot are medium for the most part. In a few weeks, they will grow to Jumbos. Spot love bloodworms but will hit most any bait presented.

Oh yeah! Two at the time.

White perch are plentiful most everywhere. Beetle spins and Perch Hounders in white and orange are hot. Moving tides are the best times to plan an outing for perch.

Ken Lamb shows off a catch of perch from a Patuxent creek.

Rockfish are in the rivers around structure for lure casters at dusk and dawn. Cobia are moving in for trollers using surgical eels and for chum liners using live eels or live spot. Crabs are plentiful and very good-sized for chicken neckers and hand trap users. Waterfront homeowners using crab pots find good daily catches using alewife and razor clams.

Capt. Bernie Shea out of Solomon's (301-672-3282) is catching plenty of Spot in the Patuxent.

Rockfish like this catch from last Friday are along the shoreline in the mouth of the Patuxent.

Glenn Lumpkins and his 12 7/8 inch white perch from Piney Point in the Potomac.

Crabs running big!

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