June 25, 2019 - Weekend Weather was Perfect

Mid June finds rockfish and catfish still in good numbers in the bay and rivers.

Rockfish were also active in the rivers and bay taking trolled lures and pleasing lure casters and shore fishermen. The stripers were a bit finicky when lazy tides caused by Friday's high winds made clean water hard to find, but there was still a good bite.

Cobia are causing excitement for trollers using sugical eels, chummers, and those live-lining eels. The cobia are still below Point lookout, but they are nearing Windmill Point and Smith Point.

Spanish mackerel were caught by trollers using small Drone Spoons and planer rigs at Windmill Point on Sunday. These speedy fish are coming to the ship's channel near you. Where there are spanish the bull reds and cobia are on their trail.

White perch, spot and croaker are in the Patuxent from Sandy Point to Sotterly. Hawk's Nest at the mouth of Cuckold's Creek is hot. There are all three at the Three Legged and at Drum Point. Spot were caught at Second Beach near Little Cove Point.

Snake head are biting up the Potomac, Patuxent, the head waters of the St. Mary's River. Allen's Fresh, and Chaptico Bay, and that is just where we have had reports. The snake head are lure takers, fierce fighters and a delicacy to eat. What is not to like. Oh, all right, they are ugly, but nobody's perfect.

***Last Photo***: Dwayne Sullivan leads The Tackle Box monthly perch contest with this 13 1/8" beauty.

A fine crappie from St. Mary's Lake this week.

A catch of spanish mackerel from Windmill Point by trollers using Drone spoons and planers.

Ken Lamb found perch in a creek off the Patuxent.

Eric Risdan shows off catfish caught from Bushwood Pier

Chris Whiteman with a fine snakehead in the Mill Creek headwaters in Calvert County.

Julie and Jacob Tomasik show off catfish that acted like perch taking #2 Mepps spinners on the shoreline of the Patuxent.