June Is off With a Bang!

We got it all.

Rockfish in the Potomac, Patuxent, and Bay.

Bluefish are now here in good size.

Slot reds and puppy drum just about everywhere.

Spot in the rivers and bay.

Flounder off to a good start.

Capt. Bernie Shea limiting out on rockfish daily out of Tall Timbers.

Bernie is loading up on spot, too!!

Speckled trout mixed with the rockfish and redfish in the shallows.

Perch in the creeks and rivers (slow start).

Pesky skate (cow-nosed rays) to eat your bait and break lines and rods if you are not careful.

Catfish to beat the band.

The only thing missing is croaker, of which we have yet to see the first.

Steve Helmrick is getting flounder and speckled trout in the lower Potomac.

Lonnie Windsor shows off one of many bluegill from St. Mary's Lake this week.

Bloodworms, squid, shrimp, nightcrawlers, razor clams, peelers and soft crab will produce all species. Lures including paddle tail jigs, bucktails, swimming plugs, spoons, Beetle spins, Perch Hounders, Rooster Tails will bring strikes.

All it takes is a moving tide, calm winds, and determination.

As always, dusk and dawn are best.

Brannen Scrivener is catching slot rockfish and redfish in the headwaters of the St. Mary's River, Potomac. From his pier the fish are taking cast paddle jigs and top water poppers.

Brannen and slot red.

Cobia season begins June 15. Live eels and Cobia Jigs will catch them along with cut bait in chum lines.

Eric scores a slot red on the lower Potomac.

And a big speckled trout.

Eric's buddy, Steve, is getting the hang of redfish technique.

Alewife is in short supply. The bait is apparently still offshore in the Atlantic and the construction of the new tunnel at the bay bridge tunnel system in the narrow mouth of the bay has been floated as a possible reason.

Puppy drum like this 15 incher are in all rivers and creeks.

Do not miss out on the start of this memorable fishing season!

Mik Springs with a rockfish caught at Fishing Point, Patuxent River, from the beach on a top water popper.

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