Crappie, bass, and pickerel are all active in fresh water as the days lengthen and warming begins.

The buck perch are already positioned up the creeks waiting on the females. Fishermen found the perch feeding on live minnows offered on short leaders under bobbers. Some were caught on tiny jigs and Beetle Spins. There were no eggs observed in the shallows yet. This activity was last Tuesday at Allen's fresh where both boaters and shore fishermen caught some. The water temperature measured 48 degrees. There were crappie and bass caught too.

There are low tides prevailing with very little water movement. The winter has been very dry. If we get some rain and with a good breeze from the south east that raises the water level to a good height, the females will charge in to spawn and main run will be over very quickly. There will be residual activity for several days, but the really good fishing is a small window.

There are plenty of white perch ready to spawn and they will come in after the yellow perch run in the next two weeks.

Catfish are dependable in Bush Wood, Maryland at the public pier there. Catfish will get more active as the water warms.

Pickerel are very active in St. Mary's Lake.

Crappie mixed with perch at Allen's Fresh.

Dennis Flemming and perch.

Erick Packared with yellow perch from Allen's Fresh.

You can see why these are often called "racoon perh" in the deep south.