May 15, 2019 - This Week

The trophy season continued into it's second week with big fish being caught everyday, but the action is slow with a lot of trolling producing only a few fish.

In addition, the rockfish minimum falls to 19 inches on Thursday the 16th, and more areas are open to fish. The mouth of the Patuxent will be available up to Point Patience, and the Maryland tributaries of the Potomac open up, those are the most important factors for our region.

More good news is that rockfish in the 19- to 24-inch size are in pretty good supply as both trollers and lure casters have been successful in any areas catching and releasing these smaller fish while seeking the trophy size of 36 inches or better. There were good catches of rockfish in the mouth of the Patuxent by fishermen throwing Bomber Wind Cheater (swimming plugs) around structure and the wrecks. Jiggers at the Power Plant Discharge found stripers in the 22 inch size, and sighted some that were in the mid 30 inch range.

Catfish are most everywhere in the rivers and even on the bay shore at Point Lookout. A fisherman landed four catfish off the public pier in Piney Point at the St. George Island Bridge in about 45 minutes last Friday in mid afternoon on cut bait. White perch should turn on in earnest this week as we get some normal temperatures. Crabs will be very active to make up lost time as the cold has set them back at least two weeks.

Surf casters on the Naval Air Station found willing young stripers all around Cedar Point on the rocks and in the mouths of creeks.

Fresh water fishing is excellent in the lakes and ponds. The extended cool is just right for crappie and limits of 15 per day have been common at St. Mary's Lake. Pickerel, bass, bluegill, and even yellow perch are very active. Live crickets, minnows, and lure (Beetle Spins are great) are all producing.

Chris Easter trolled a tandem rig near the PR marker in the mouth of the Patuxent and came home with this 46 inch, 33 pound trophy rockfish

J D Jamsiuk and Raegan Barnes sow off a snakehead and crappie caught at the headwaters of the St. Mary's River.

Jim Burands caught this 40 inch, 20 pound striper near the HS Buoy on a white umburella lure.

Michail Proctor shows off a catch of white perch