November 25th, 2020 - November Rock

Lots of rock fish this week in the Bay, Potomac, and Patuxent.

Main Image: Sam Freeman leads the November big perch contest with this 10 and three quarter inch beauty from the Potomac.

Trollers and jiggers found eager fish around Ragged Point in the Potomac and along most 40 foot edges in the Patuxent. The Bay has fish most everywhere.

The trick is to be in the fight place at the right time. Tides have been lazy with low water. These conditions changed early this week with a wind shift. Now we are getting move water and the tides are high around noon. The falling tide in the late afternoon will make for ideal conditions.

Rockfish love those HHCB lures.

Patuxent river strikers this week.

Tandems and umbrellas are the most popular lure rigs. Smaller lures are the key as the target fish are about 20 to 30 inches, The Hard Head Custom Baits are the most popular in white and green and combinations thereof.

There are some big fish in the 40 inch range in the lower bay area near Smith Point in the ship's channel. These sea run fish are not plentiful yet, but they are coming. The fall run fish in the 40 to 50 inch range like trolled lures in big sizes. The huge Mojos fished on the bottom will be ideal.

Cold, but calm and fish biting in Potomac.

Heather Windsor with rockfish from Ragged Point in the Potomac.

The balmy 60 degree days found some rock fish hitting swimming plugs like Bomber Wind Cheaters in the mouth of St. Jerome's Creek and at Goose Creek on the Naval Air station. Perch were caught by bottom fishermen in various locations using live minnows and bloodworms. There are still some small spot. One Charter boat targeting perch in the Patuxent landed about 300 of which they kept 25 at an 8 inch cull. That gives you an idea of how many small perch are in the rivers!

Catfish are plentiful up the Potomac and Patuxent.

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