November 7, 2018 - This Week

Up until last weekend it was still summer.

Our domestic stripers are very active in the rivers and the bay. The fish are in the 19 to 30-inch range and are caught by trollers and live-liners just about everywhere. The fish are active in the shallows for lure casters by shore fishermen and boaters. On sunny days the bite is best early and late; overcast days extends the bite to any time there is a moving tide.

We have yet to see any sea-run fish in the 40 to 50-inch size, but they are coming.

Some fine crappie have been caught this week in ponds and at St. Mary's Lake.

Eric Fowler with a 27 inch rockfish

Ken Lamb and Brady Bounds with rock fish from Eastern Shore structure casing last week. Yhey really liked Bomber Wind Cheaters in blue silv

Eric Packard with crappie of the week.