October 23, 2019 - Weather and Tide

The summertime fishing continues into this early fall as rockfish and bluefish are schooled up chasing bait all up and down the ship's channel. There are hungry gulls chasiing the bait making the feeding fish easy to find.

That front and the remains of tropical storm Nestor that dumped almost three inches of rain on Sunday continued the lack of water and tide movement into the first of the week.

Why the weather and tide report? Because those factors are the main ingredients that affect the fish and our quest to catch them.

The good news is that the rockfish continued to be plentiful and eager to bite. The downside is that the spot have left for the Atlantic along with the cobia and spanish mackerel. Well, it is late October and we have had a great run of summer fish.

The bluefish and speckled trout will stay a little longer being a little more cold-natured, but the first week in December will find them gone.

The perch will now become harder to catch in the creeks as the low water has cleared and the perch will begin to make their winter quarters in the deep holes in the rivers until next spring. However, the perch can be caught in the 30 to 40 foot depths in the Patuxent and Potomac all fall and winter. Double hook bottom rigs and bits of blood worm will bring home a tasty mess of white perch most any tide change.

Stripers are on the shorelines and in the bay and rivers feeding daily. Trollers, jiggers and lure casters are doing great in the bay and rivers. The shore fishermen are doing well, but the red hot bite of last week has slowed with the low water. Early and late day is best as usual. The high tides are essential, meager as they are, at the moment.

Eric Fowler wirth rockfish from Cedar Point.

Erick Packard caught this keeper rockfish from a doci in Mill Cove off the Potomac on Sunday in the downpur while you were watching the Reds

George Stewart with a catch of perch from a Patuxent creek.

Johnny Caldwell with rockfish from the Patuxent.

Michele Cheledinsk caught this 31 inch, 15 pound rock casting lures near Hog Point in the Patuxent.

Mike Tomasik landed these rockfish Monday morning on a Hard Head Custom Popping Rig at Cedar Point off the rocks.