Perch and Catfish Eager to Bite

Catfish continue to dominate the creeks and rivers this week as the water begins to warm up with rising spring weather temperatures.

The catfish are very active in all the creeks and rivers as the water remains cool and fresh. When the heat and dry conditions begin in summer, the catfish will retreat up the Potomac and Patuxent to where salinity suits them.

Blue catfish just keep on coming!

Zachary caught this 16 lb. blue catfish at Tall Timbers in the Potomac on fresh cut alewife.

A blue catfish landed Saturday from a pier in St. Inigoes Creek off the Potomac.

White perch have begun to hit spinner baits in the creeks. Eric Packard caught an amazing 64 perch casting tiny spinners in a tidal creek last week. Eric and his fishing buddies kept enough for dinner and released the rest.

Perch are biting in the creeks now!

One of 64(!) white perch caught by Erick Packard on that beautiful 80 degree day last Wednesday in a tidal creek.

Striper season begins in the bay and Potomac on May 16th. The slot limit will be one per day 19 to 24 inches. The Patuxent above Point Patience does not open to striped bass until June 1. There should be plenty of rockfish.

Eric Packard with one of many largemouth bass from St.Mary's Lake, Friday.

Dennis shows one of many crappie from last Friday at St. Mary's Lake.

Perch will now be active everywhere on warm days as the creeks clear and pollen dissipates.

Crappie catch at St. Mary's Lake last week.

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