April 14th, 2021 - White Perch

White perch are coming out of winter dormancy and hitting bloodworm bits offered off the bayshore.

Mike Proctor, who has a corner on the market for early season white perch fishing, is at it again this year catching multiple strings of perch using bloodworms off the rocky shoreline off the beach below Spring Ridge. Many went out this past weekend in the sunny, 80 degree weather off piers and shore lines in search of perch, but Mike is the only one to bring his catch in to the Tackle Box.

Many are enjoying the early catfish run from many areas of the Potomac and Patuxent.

Mario Fenwick has landed catfish from the Benedict Bridge in the Patuxent, fishing from the shore. The fish were very active on the rising tides and were coming in two at a time on double hook bottom rigs baited with fresh alewife.

Captain Chris with a big catfish from the Potomac.

Mario Fenwick caught catfish at the Benedict Bridge in the Patuxent. The biggest one was 12 pounds.

Catfish have been reported biting steadily at Abel's Wharf, Breton Bay, Bushwood Pier, and many other locations north of St. George Island.

Fresh water fishing is excellent at St. Mary's Lake with bass, crappie, and yellow perch eager to take lures and night crawler and live minnow baits. Bluegill and various breams love live crickets fished from the shore using a bobber.

The mild weather and sparse rainfall should make the crabs season begin early. The high spring tides have begun and the shoreline grasses are greening up quickly. The crabs and white perch will be active in the creeks by the end of next week.

Mike Proctor with one of his daily catches of white perch on the bay shore Dameron, Maryland.

Nico Fimya caught and released a big largemouth.

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