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What’s there to do in St. Mary’s County? Plenty! If you’re into history, outdoor recreation, or love being on the water, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got some of the finest colonial sites in the nation, plus War of 1812 and Civil War sites, and a rich maritime history illuminated by our four lighthouses.

Whether you are into art galleries, studios, or the performance arts, St. Mary's County unique art scene is sure to be aesthetically pleasing. Live music events throughout the county range from classical to bluegrass and everything in between.
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Museums, Heritage & History

From colonial times up through modern times, through wars - be it the Civil War or the Oyster Wars - our stories will engage, entertain, and perhaps, inspire.

St. Mary’s

Food & Drink

St. Mary’s County has lots of great places to eat - from seafood dives to sidewalk cafes to white table cloth establishments.