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Each of our five state parks has its own defining character, along with a little bit of history, of couse!

Along the Patuxent River, you’ll find Greenwell State Park with its commitment to serve individuals of all levels of ability. In the heart of the county lies St. Mary’s River State Park which features a mountain bike trail and a fishing lake. Along the Potomac, our island park of St. Clements is Maryland’s birthplace and our newest state park, Newtowne Neck, is just outside of Leonardtown at the mouth of Breton Bay. Way down at the county’s southern tip is the outdoors mecca: Point Lookout State Park and beach.

Three of our state parks have roots in history. St. Clement’s Island is the first colonial landing site and the birthplace of Maryland. Newtowne Neck is the site of the second oldest Jesuit Mission in Maryland. Point Lookout was a resort, then a military hospital, then a Civil War prison camp.

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